Chatham County Zoning Regulations

These are the authoritative zoning ordinances for Chatham County.
Table of Contents
Section 1: Enactment, Short Title, Jurisdiction, Purpose
Sec. 1-1 Enactment clause.
Sec. 1-2 Short title.
Sec. 1-3 Jurisdiction.
Sec. 1-4 Purpose.
Section 2: Definitions
Section 3: General Provisions
Sec. 3-1 Interpretation and Application.
Sec. 3-2 Zoning affects all land and buildings.
Sec. 3-3 Only one principal building or use upon any lot.
Sec. 3-4 Reduction or change in lot size.
Sec. 3-5 Maintenance of open space.
Sec. 3-6 Accessory buildings.
Sec. 3-7 Vision clearance at intersections.
Sec. 3-8 Lots with multiple frontage.
Sec. 3-9 Corner lots, side yard setback from center of street.
Sec. 3-10 Street access.
Sec. 3-11 Encroachment of public right-of-way.
Sec. 3-12 Visual Buffers and Screening.
Section 4: Zoning Districts
Sec. 4-1 Establishment of districts.
Sec. 4-2 Zoning map.
Sec. 4-3 Interpretation of zoning district boundaries.
Sec. 4-4 Uses Prohibited.
Sec. 4-5 Provisions regarding use.
Sec. 4-5.1 Index for C and R Use Schedule.
Sec. 4-5.1 Provisions regarding use in C-Districts and R-Districts .
Sec. 4-5.1 C and R use table.
Sec. 4-5.2 Index for B and I Use Schedule.
Sec. 4-5.2 Provisions regarding use in districts A-T, B, B-1, B-2, B-C, B-N, B-N-1, I-H, I-L, PILT, I-P, M, P-S-C, RB-1, T-B, W-I, PD-M, P-N-T and PUD-C.
Sec. 4-5.2 B and I use table.
Sec. 4-5.3 Extention of specified use from an abutting zoning district into the C-M district.
Sec. 4-6 Development standards.
Sec. 4-6.1 Development standards for dwellings.
Sec. 4-6.2 Development standards for nonresidential uses.
Street classification map.
Sec. 4-6.3 Development standards within a planned shopping center district.
Sec. 4-6.4 Planned development rezoning for certain nonconforming uses.
Sec. 4-6.5 Planned development district.
Sec. 4-6.57A Reserved.
Sec. 4-6.6 Planned unit development ordinance (PUD).
Sec. 4-6.66 Planned unit development Residential (PUD-R)
Sec. 4-6.67 Planned unit development Industrial (PUD-M).
Sec. 4-6.68 Planned unit development Community (PUD-C).
Sec. 4-6.69 Planned unit development Business (PUD-B).
Sec. 4-6.610 Planned unit development Industrial (PUD-IN).
Sec. 4-6.611 Planned unit development Institutional (PUD-IS).
Sec. 4-6.612 Planned unit development Institutional (PUD-IS-B).
Sec. 4-6.613 Planned unit development Mixed Use (PUD-MXU).
Sec. 4-6.7 Reserved
Sec. 4-6.8 P-D-R (Planned Development-Reclamation) District
Sec. 4-6.9 P-D-M (Planned Development-Marina) District
Sec. 4-6.10 P-D-R-SL (Planned Development-Reclamation for Sanitary Landfill) District
Sec. 4-6.11 P-D-R-IL (Planned Development-Reclamation for Industrial Landfill) District
Sec. 4-7 P-R-1-S District
Sec. 4-8 PUD-CC District
Sec. 4-9 P-N-T District
Sec. 4-10 P-R-C District
Sec. 4-11 Reserved.
Sec. 4-12 Development standards in the Environmental Overlay (EO) district.
Sec. 4-13 Development standards for the Town Center Overlay (TC) district.
Section 5: Exceptions and Modifications
Sec. 5-1 Walls and fences.
Sec. 5-2 Structures excluded from height limitations.
Sec. 5-3 Reduction of front yard setback requirements.
Sec. 5-4 Substandard lots of record.
Sec. 5-5 Group development projects.
Sec. 5-6 When a site plan is required.
Section 6: Off-street parking and loading requirements
Sec. 6-1 Scope of provisions.
Sec. 6-2 General provisions.
Sec. 6-3 Off-street parking requirements.
Sec. 6-4 Off-street loading requirements.
Section 7: Signs
Section 8: Nonconforming Uses
Sec. 8-1 Nonconforming Use.
Sec. 8-2 Continuance of a nonconforming use.
Sec. 8-3 Limitations of use of nonconforming land uses.
Sec. 8-4 Change in nonconforming use.
Sec. 8-5 Alterations.
Section 9: Administration and Enforcement
Sec. 9-1 Zoning Administrator.
Sec. 9-2 Demolition permit.
Sec. 9-3 Building permits.
Sec. 9-4 Wetlands protection.
Sec. 9-5 Groundwater recharge area protection.
Sec. 9-6 Sign permits.
Sec. 9-7 Occupancy permits.
Sec. 9-8 Reserved.
Sec. 9-9 Appeals.
Section 10: Board of Appeals
Sec. 10-1 Authority.
Sec. 10-2 Rules and procedures.
Sec. 10-3 Administrative assistance.
Sec. 10-4 Appeals.
Sec. 10-5 Public hearing.
Sec. 10-6 Powers and duties.
Sec. 10-7 Forms.
Sec. 10-8 Calendar of Appeals.
Section 11: Amendments
Sec. 11-1 General conditions.
Sec. 11-2 Application for Amendment.
Section 12: Remedies and Penalties
Sec. 12-1 Remedies.
Sec. 12-2 Penalties.
Section 13: Conflict with other laws.
Section 14: Separability.
Section 15: Effective date.
Section 16: Wireless Telecommunications Facilities.