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Non-motorized Transportation Plan

Non-motorized transportation includes walking or using a wheelchair, bicycling, skating, and using pedicabs. The Non-motorized Transportation Plan, as part of the Total Mobility Plan, will serve as an update to the MPO’s Bikeway Plan of 2000 and as well as providing a plan now to address the needs of pedestrians, and other self-powered travelers. The Plan will be developed by:

  • Identifying needed improvements for the non-motorized modes;
  • Prioritizing improvements and identifying funding opportunities

The resulting prioritized lists will guide the MPO in programming the funding that is set aside for non-motorized transportation over a 25-year period in the MPO's Long Range Transportation Plan.

The lists can also guide local governments in the development of Capital Improvement Programs, and guide organizations applying for grants in the future, under such programs as Transportation Alternatives.

Current Work

  • Proposal for Pedestrian and Bicycle Project Ranking Criteria: Click here. This report explains the selected project ranking method and shows the results of applying the method to lists of proposed bicycle and pedestrian projects.
  • Updated Bikeway Projects and Scores, by Bike Route Number (July 8, 2014). Click here.
  • Updated Bikeway Projects and Scores, by Ranking Result (Jully 8, 2014). Click here.
  • Updated Pedestrian Projects and Scores, alphabetically (July 8, 2014). Click here.
  • Updated Pedestrian Projects and Scores, by Ranking Result (July 8, 2014). Click here.

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Contact staff directly: Jane Love, Transportation Planner, 912-651-1449 or lovej@thempc.org

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Technical Reports and Maps

Map of Proposed Bikeway Network: This map distinguishes the previously adopted network from the newly proposed additions to the network.
Entire network map: Click here

Downtown Savannah close-up map: Click here

Map of Bicycle Level of Service Evaluation on the Proposed Network: This map categorizes existing conditions on the bicycle network. Level of Service (LOS) is a way of describing how "bicycle-friendly" the segments are, with LOS A being extremely good and LOS F being extremely poor. The purpose is to show which segments need the most improvement.
Map of the evaluation results on entire network: Click here
Close-up map of evaluation results for downtown Savannah: Click here

Map of Proposed Bikeway Facility Types: This map gives the details on what types of bikeways (e.g. bike paths, bike lanes, paved shoulders, etc.) are proposed on each part of the network.
Entire network map: Click here

Downtown Savannah close-up map: Click here

DRAFT Description of Bikeway Routes and Facility Types: This PDF document has hyperlinks in the Table of Contents to allow you to jump to see the draft description of the bikeway route of interest to you.
Description of proposed bikeways: Click here

Map of Proposed Pedestrian/Amenities Focus Areas: This is where we will focus our efforts in evaluating conditions for pedestrians and in making recommendations for improvements. Click here

Map of Proposed Pedestrian Projects: This map shows where proposed projects are located, along with any existing sidewalks that have been mapped thus far. Click here

Drafts of Non-motorized Transportation Plan


For more information, questions, or comments, please contact:
Jane Love, Transportation Planner



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