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Non-motorized Transportation Plan
A Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
Adopted by CORE MPO on October 29, 2014

Non-motorized transportation includes walking or using a wheelchair, bicycling, and using pedicabs. This plan covers the CORE MPO planning area, which includes all of the area inside of Chatham County, GA, and its municipalities, as well as small portions of Effingham County and Bryan County, including Richmond Hill.

The Plan has been developed by:

  • Identifying needed pedestrian and bicycle improvements;
  • Prioritizing improvements

The resulting prioritized lists guide the MPO in allocating a portion of its federal funding to advance pedestrian and bicycle transportation.

The Non-motorized Transportation Plan can also guide local governments in the development of Capital Improvement Programs, and guide organizations applying for grants in the future, under such programs as Transportation Alternatives.

Plan Contents

Non-motorized Transportation Plan document, without appendices -- adopted October 29, 2014 (11 MB)

Appendix A: Participation Methods and Results
Appendix B: Goals Research and Identification
Appendix C: Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Analyses
Appendix D: Bicycle Level of Service (LOS) model
Appendix E: Bikeway Route Notes
Appendix F: Cost Estimation Methodology
Appendix G: Project Ranking Methodology

Shortcuts to Key Elements of the Plan

Pedestrian Network Map

Pedestrian Project List (alphabetical)
Pedestrian Project List (rank order)

Bikeway Network Map
Bikeway Network Map, Downtown Close-up
Bikeway Route Notes (a.k.a. Appendix E). (Within the Table of Contents, click on any particular route name to jump to that section of the document, to see description.)

Bikeway Project List (by route no.)
Bikeway Project List (rank order)

For more information, questions, or comments, please contact:
Jane Love, Transportation Planner



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